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There’s A Shortage Of Canberra Healthcare Professionals


Canberra Healthcare Professionals

The population of Australia, and in turn, the ACT is ageing. The baby boomers are getting older and retiring, creating more demand for healthcare. This healthcare gap is getting wider between staff available and healthcare needs. The availability of Canberra Healthcare Professionals is getting strained. MAC Healthcare Services saw this projection in the population and created a solution. Their business and the Canberra healthcare professionals on their books are bridging the gap.

About MAC Healthcare Services

MAC Healthcare Services is the healthcare staffing agency that has your business in mind, vetting the right staff for you. They have set up a location in the Canberra region because they noticed a demand here. MAC Healthcare Services is dedicated to providing medical professionals on a short, medium and long-term basis. As the demand increases for available staff so has MAC Healthcare Services’ roster of trusted staff. They can fill the positions on time and by great staff, guaranteed.

Staff Available From MAC Healthcare Services

You are able to secure Registered Nurses, Assistant Nurses and Midwives for the shifts you need them. Aged Carers, Community Health Carers and Domestic Health Care Assistants are available for companies that specialise in aged/home care. They also have Disability workers available for all your disability staffing needs. MAC Healthcare Services have made all of their staff available in public/private hospitals, aged care facilities and private/public school clinics. You can also have staff sent to your nursing home and vaccination mobile stations. If you have patients that are in-home, medical staff can perform post-surgery recovery care, respite and palliative care. This is all through Government schemes including National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). If you need a nurse in a doctor’s surgery, MAC Healthcare Services can provide them too.

Whatever staff members you need, contact MAC Healthcare Services and they will secure your temporary staff members today.