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Our team of Canberra Residential aged carers have the solution

Calvary Midwifery and Nursing Staff

Many elderly members of our community choose to stay in their own homes rather than move to an aged care facility. Everyday activities become stressful and the elderly need additional support. Residential aged carers, Canberra can solve the problem.

MAC Healthcare Services specialize in providing quality in-home care to individuals through their passionate residential aged carers. These carers are professional, highly skilled and experienced. They provide short and long term health care contracts to individuals in their homes.

The registered residential aged carers form a valuable part of the professional team at MAC Healthcare Services. These services are owned and managed by experienced nursing staff. Their primary aim is to match caring medical Healthcare professionals with individuals in need.

Residential aged carers can help the elderly to continue enjoying a safe, comfortable and independent lifestyle in their own homes. If your aging parent prefers to be at home instead of an aged care facility, then MAC Healthcare Services is the provider for you.

Services offered by residential aged carers

Residential aged carers aim to give the elderly the individual support they need to recover from their illnesses. In addition they help the individual to gain confidence to move around the home independently.

Aged carers may help the individual with daily tasks such as bathing, eating, cleaning the house, preparing the meals, doing laundry, exercise and physiotherapy. Furthermore, they transport individuals to and from medical appointments.

MAC Healthcare Services is a registered provider for the national Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The residential aged carer will ensure that individuals receive all entitlements under this scheme.

If you require a highly qualified Healthcare professional for in-home care, call MAC Healthcare Services on 1300526877 today. You will be guaranteed to receive the service that best suits your needs. Your residential aged carer is just a phone call away.