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Healthcare Professionals That Know What They Are Doing

Deakin Midwifery Healthcare ProfessionalsWith the rise in population both in the ACT and Australia as well as the rise in retired age people. Healthcare professionals are in demand. This can mean it can be hard finding the right people for the job or find any applicants at all. So many healthcare professionals are jumping ship to other states and fly in/fly out work. MAC Healthcare Services is the healthcare staffing agency that has your business in mind, vetting the right staff for you.

About MAC Healthcare Services

MAC Healthcare Services is based in the Canberra region as they saw a pitfall in the healthcare industry. They have committed themselves to providing short, medium and long-term staff for healthcare companies that really need them. With Nurses, Midwives, Assistants in Nurse and other staff available from MAC Healthcare Services, you will have the people you need when you need them.

Staff Available From MAC Healthcare Services

The staff that can be supplied by MAC Healthcare Services are Registered Nurses, Assistant Nurses and Midwives. They also can deliver Aged Carers, Community Health Carers, Domestic Health Care Assistants and Disability workers. They can supply Public and Private Hospitals, Aged care facilities, private/public school clinics, nursing homes and vaccination mobile stations. MAC Healthcare Service also has in-home for post-surgery recovery, respite and palliative care available through Government schemes including National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). They can also work as the Registered Nurse in a Doctor’s Surgery. Whatever job you have, our staffing solutions will suit your business.

There are a lot of circumstances where you need a staff member to work your shift. MAC Healthcare Services know that you need medically trained staff and quick. They are dedicated to providing your company with the best staff available without delay.

Contact MAC Healthcare Services to secure your temporary staff member today.