Terms & Conditions

Working with MAC Healthcare Services as casual staff, contractor or permanent team member offers variety and flexibility to your work-life balance. It also means change on a regular bases which accompanied by the unfamiliar, can mean dealing with new challenges from time to time.

So long as we can navigate the highs and lows with respect for one another, and with a focus on positive outcomes and solutions, there is nothing that we won’t be able to resolve together.


MAC Healthcare Services is unable to guarantee that you will be in work all of the time. We will however do our best to meet your preferences.

Communicating for Success

It is important that we keep in contact with each other for a variety of reasons.

Reasons for you to keep in touch with us include, if you:

  • are invited to stay on because your assignment gets extended, you are offered another assignment with the same temporary employer, or you are offered a permanent role
  • change any of your personal or contact details e.g. phone number, address, bank account details etc.
  • update your skills and qualifications
  • are unavailable for placements for any particular period of time
  • other reasons, as may be required

Reasons we will keep in touch with you include:

  • after you have registered with us to acknowledge, interview, and where appropriate offer you assignments
  • during your placement to monitor conditions and ensure all parties are progressing well
  • after assignments to gain feedback
  • other reasons, as may be required

Requirements for sick or delayed arrivals

Professionalism, punctuality and reliability are core parts of our service standards, so if you are running late for your assignment, or are unable to attend for any reason, please notify MAC Healthcare as soon as possible.

Dress Code

Appropriate work attire is the standard. If you are unsure for any particular assignment, we would be happy to advise.

Rates & Pay

You will be informed of your hourly rate when an assignment is offered.

Payroll and Taxation related forms that require your Tax File Number need to be completed as soon as possible to submitted to MAC Healthcare. To download a Tax File Declaration Form click here.

Please ensure you keep  us up-to-date of any changes in your telephone number, address and bank account details to ensure you receive pay slips and group certificates.


Your timesheets is required to be submitted no later than 6:00 PM each Friday.

To download a MAC Healthcare Services Timesheet click here.

Timesheets that have been completed and signed, by you and the client/supervisor, are to be sent via email to payroll@machealthcare.com. These can also be uploaded via our website at www.machealthcare.com.au.


Where the award dictates, overtime may be paid when you work outside your normal hours, in excess of 38 hours a week.

Overtime must be approved by the client prior to it being worked.

Work that takes place in addition to your regular finishing time on Friday, and for any work carried out over the weekend, needs to be completed, signed and sent via email on a new timesheet before 9:00 AM on Monday please.

Method of Payment

Payments will be made by electronic funds transfer into your nominated bank account on the Friday following the Friday you submitted your timesheet.


MAC Healthcare Services makes a contribution of the applicable State Guarantee (SG) to a superannuation fund on all earnings, excluding overtime and allowances, when you earn more that $450 per month.

MAC Healthcare Services currently contributes to superannuation fund of your choosing.

To download a Superannuation Nomination Form click here.

Occupational Health & Safety

MAC Healthcare Services is committed to ensuring, wherever possible, a safe working environment whilst you are on assignment for us.

Please call us at any time if you have any concerns.


You will be briefed on each position, however please ask questions if you are in doubt of any aspect of the assignment.  Please ensure you write down all details of the assignment for your later reference.

Upon entering different work environments you may be exposed to confidential information.  Please adhere to the terms of your “Confidentiality Statement ” in this regard.

MAC Healthcare Services requires all candidates to respect the rights of others and to treat them professionally, respectfully and fairly.  Harassment of any kind is not acceptable so if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation please contact us immediately.

When accessing client’s computer or network for any reason, which includes email, the Internet and various software programs, please remember they must be used for business purposes only and that confidentiality of passwords and information is paramount.

Please enquire with the client about the most convenient time and duration for lunch breaks.

Except in the case of emergency, please make personal phone calls during breaks.  

If you encounter any difficulties or have a complaint, please discuss this with MAC Healthcare rather than the client.

During and at the conclusion of each assignment, our clients will be asked for feedback on our service and your performance.